Do you wanna be a tree?


I don't know how long I can write poor English here. I tell myself, don't think about anything else, just write. Though I know this doesn't do any good to my English, just like watching American TV series doesn't do any good to my English...just do it!

Back to today's theme:
I can remember a dialogue in a TV series(sorry I don't know its English name), which is:
"What do you wanna be if you have next life?"
"I wanna be a tree."
"Because the trees don't move. They are just there. If you leave me, I wanna stay in the same place and wait for you. If you return for me, you can find me easily."
"If so, I wanna be a tree too. When we both become trees next life, we won't separate again..."

I admit I was moved by this dialogue. I like this reason for being a tree. If really so, I would like to become a tree too.

So, don't cut trees any more. Maybe you'll be a tree next life.