I know that complain is not a good thing, but it's not bad too. Though it may affect others' feeling, it also can make the speaker calm down. Anyway, I just want to find an excuse to complain about my state now.

So it is.

In the twelve-day autumn vacation, I did so few things that I've should do. The first day, we went out and played so happily. Then I made my mind to study hard about management. However! I just read the books for 1 day! I couldn't continue because I have no patient. I've got to say, it's my weakness. It so sucks.

Then I realized I must write my Research Plan first of all. So I put down the books that I've already been fed up with, and was occupied with the search of what I can write. I felt it has been so long and breathless, until then I finished it.

But it can't end till I get the offer of Osaka University. The point is, I think it's too difficult to enter.

Now the only one thing I'm considering is that, that professor still accepts students and the exam in winter will be conducted as usual.

God bless me.