Logo Design

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Inspired by the logos of MUJI and Uniqlo, I designed my own logo years ago. Then I thought I can offer service for making logos for friends and published the advertisement in my blog. Though few people found me to make logos, I've been proud of this design these years.

The logo has two formats, one is with website link, and the other is not.

without link
logo without link
with link
logo with link

I thought the one with website link was better because of the effect of publicity. However, if you change your links frequently, just like what I've done, I think the clear one is a better choice.

I made the logos on request. So someone got both two formats, while someone got just one. The colours and font was adjusted on request, too.

logo design

I still keep the PSD file now, so if you think it's not bad and want one, feel free to contact me.