Long time no update

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I've been so long time not updating. I thought of using this blog to practise my English, but it seems never work :( Maybe I need to change the methods.

I'm considering of combine my Chinese blog and this one. Cuz it's easier for me to update and manage. Here is few people seeing, but that one is the different in total. I even thought of making an independent blog by WordPress. I can't make my mind to do this not only because it looks like very difficult but also I think I don't have the ability to run it. Besides, I like  Blogger so much even that I feel terrible when I heard Google would change its name to Google Blog. It's funny and ridiculous. I think I'll be using Blogger on and on. But the GFW is still a huge problem to share my messages to my family and friends in China. OH,I think I find the real reason for me to have 2 blogs. One is for domestic people, and the other is for the overseas. OK, so I'll insist English blog for more time.

Today I'm not only talking, I also bring a few photos. Next time I'll put more photography of me here. Look forward to it!

OK, first of all, I'd like to show the friendship.

Graduation trip
Graduation trip

These are my friends in our Graduation Trip in Zhangjiajie. You may remember once I introduced some photos from this beautiful place in one of my posts. The mountains there are famous and every year it's full of tourists. We chose this place for our LAST TRIP, also the ONLY TRIP. I think you'll love it too. More photos about this amazing place are here.

Then the second photo I want to show is below. It's a GIF file picture, and I don't know if it works.

4th year
4th year

Thank God, it works very well. So let me explain the meaning. It's a celebration for the 4 years anniversary of me and my boyfriend. We have been together almost 4 years (until August), and we both feel lucky to find each other and so happy being together. We've been holding on and on, overcoming difficult, I think we can be together forever. Wish our beautiful future :D

Maybe someone will ask me, do you want marry him? I think this sentence is fitter for me to ask him haha.


I don't cheat you, right? I've even prepared the RING! So...would you like to marry me, my honey?

Of course it's a joke by now, but I look forward to being proposed one day.

Wish you can get your true love someday. Good luck!