Happy Mother's Day

Though I know the Mother's Day has gone away for a few days, I still want to make it be my post's title.

May 16th is the day I returned from Shanghai to Fuzhou. Since then it has been 8 days. In these days I did my best to help doing stuffs of my home. It's really a big change for me. I didn't do that much housework before.

Maybe the direct reason is that, I'll go to Japan in July. When I realise there is less and less time for me to stay with my parents, I feel a little guilty. During every holiday I came back from university, I took a rest but made my parents take more time to handle my stuffs. They took care of me instead of I taking care of them.

The time of going abroad is getting closer and closer, and I started to realise when I came home, I must help them to reduce the burden of life. I know if I don't do it now, I have to wait for a long time to do this. I'll regret.

The Father's Day is yet to come. But if you really like your parents, please make them feel everyday is a festival just for them.

I love you, dad and mum. Wish you good bodies and happy everyday.